[Review] Zombie Strike Twin Slice-Naf customizes the end of the century! Orange jagged 2-blade


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[Review] Zombie Strike Twin Slice

Size / weightTotal length 24cm 
(Saw blade 12cm)
Release yearseries2019Zombie strike
where to get Immovable

Zombie Strike What is Twin Slice?

A series of accessories called the Zombie Strike Survival System that appeared in 2019. It has a world view with the aim of “world collapse by zombies” and “survival”, and features a design that combines daily necessities.

Twin Slice is an accessory featuring two rotating saws. This alone can not fire darts. There is no gimmick to move (rotate).

The package seems to be a zombie strike

The package is like a zombie strike, with tattered houses on the background.

Unlike other nerfs, there is an illustration in the lower left.

For your reference.
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In the other series, it is promised that “photos of smiling elder brothers and elder sisters set up nerfs” will be placed.

The back of the package. It is interesting to introduce other products such as memos and scribbles.
Also, as far as looking at the zombie pictures of the package illustrations, it seems that there is no such a tragic world.

4 parts in total

Twin slices consist of four parts that you must assemble yourself. It ’s so easy that you do n’t have to worry.

About color and design

Body parts. Although it is a part hidden by a saw blade, a relief like a gear is designed. Although it is not movable, it is an interesting place.

Opposite side. This is a chain and gear like a bicycle.

The root is like the grip of an electric tool …

Anyway, it seems to be treated as a perfect weapon between various combinations.

Sponge saw blade

A saw blade made of sponge. Originally it seems to be scratched. Maybe it means a record of intense fighting with zombies.

The written characters are warnings “Do not throw in your eyes” or “Do not modify”.

About size

The saw blade is 12mm in diameter. Just the same size as CD and DVD.

It is slightly smaller than the cross cut of the same rotating saw.


Oh yeah, the blade is very light and weighs only 9.5g.

Operation method etc.

Twin slices must be assembled.

Simply attach the cover part to the side without the cover and insert the saw blade.

It seems that the cover parts cannot be removed once attached. If you are considering remodeling or painting, it seems better to work before installation.

Just insert the blade from above. It will be slightly diagonal.

I thought whether to insert the shaft into the hole of the saw blade, but the shaft is obviously thicker, so it seems to just fix it so that it is sandwiched in this way.

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As an interesting accessory

What is it used for? You may be wondering, but finding the imagination is the real pleasure of Nerf’s customized play.

For example, customization example

For example, a combination with a crosscut with a built-in rotary saw.

This is a triple slice! Sadly, I couldn’t put it on for some reason because the main bodies interfered. Probably the combination that most of the people who have nerf would come up with …

how to get


After all, it is an accessory that the two mounted saw blades are overwhelmingly impacted and the mounted main body will rub.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t rotate, but if you think the other way around, was it supposed to pull out and throw this blade? I also think.

Also, it is very good for kids. It was rampaging in my hand. It seemed more fun than attaching it to the nerf. As a parent, the blade is a sponge so it’s safe, and it’s safe to play with each other.

As of August 8, 2019, it is sold at a low price in the Amazon. If you plan to buy something, you might want to buy it together. The strength of this impact is very attractive both as an accessory and as a decoration.

People who don’t know nerf will surely ask “Nanikore?” Then it is already here. This is a chance to convey the charm of Zombie Strike fully (moderately).