[Review] N Strike Titan AS-V1 -Titan-class blaster for power and materiality-


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[Review] N Strike Titan AS-V1

Size / weightTotal length 76cm Weight –kgRelease yearseries2004N strike
Initial speed11m / sNumber of loading1 shot
where to getCorresponding bulletTitan missile (not sold separately)

★ This article is rewritten in 2019

What is N Strike Titan AS-V1?

This is 15 years ago. It is one of the blasters that make up the Unity Power System sold in 2004.

The Titan is the central nerf.

This philosophy is still inherited. For example, the assembler gear may be a successor to the Unity system.Speaking of Titan, the normal nerf that will be released in 2019 is also Titan. The name revival is nice, but the name becomes complicated.

The terrible thing is its destructive power … The missile itself is quite heavy, and because it is powerful, it can cause injury if you shoot from close range. In some cases, there is an accident that breaks the window glass and furniture … Therefore, it is basically prohibited in shooting games.

In addition, remodeling to shoot normal darts is also actively done, but this seems to be able to knock out a flight distance of more than 30m at the maximum. Of course, it is dangerous, so use in games is strictly prohibited.

Appearance is missile launcher

A panoramic view of Titan. It feels like a portable missile launcher.

You can put the stock on your shoulder when you launch, or you can put it on your shoulder like a missile launcher.

It is difficult to see, but also a transparent plastic aiming device. Since it is only a so-called front site, it can hardly be used in the sense of aiming.

TITAN AS-V1 logo on the side.

Although the lower half of the main body is painted, there is a mechanically mechanized mold like an internal part, and it is an atmosphere that is not deaf.

Titan missile

Titan-only missile. Although it is made of sponge, it is quite large. Only one is included with each product.

The orange warhead is shaped like an air bag, so that the impact when landing is reduced.

The total length is about 33cm. It is very valuable now because it is not sold separately. Rather it is rare and expensive than the main body.

If you are playing, you will end up being tattered.

Weight is also 42g. 42 naaf darts.

One of unity power system

Speaking of having a gimmick that combines three nerfs to fire all bullets, will it convey the charm?

It looks like this in the photo.
The Unity Power System is a nerf that is shaped like a child’s dream of becoming stronger by combining multiple nerfs, and consists of the Titan, Hornet, and Scout.

Click here for the Hornet attachment.

I’m quite addicted to it, and I can’t get it. So I don’t want to build a unity power system.

Click here to install the scout.

I think the person who pinned is amazing, but this is the beginning of the so-called nerf accessory rail. It will be the attachment part on the accessory side.

So you can attach another nerf here.

These triggers operate each blaster of the unity power system. It ’s a combination of three nerfs, so there ’s a total of three.

It can be operated one at a time or can be launched simultaneously.

The size is exactly the Titan class

Titan is the name of a giant god that appears in Greek mythology, and after that it is often named Titan for huge things.
Titanic of a huge passenger ship, Titan rocket of a large ballistic missile. Among the nerfs, the enormous size is as high as the Titan name.

Full length is 76cm when retracted.

88cm when extended.

It feels bigger than expected due to the ruggedness of the impression.

If you look at the centurion with the maximum length of nerf (a little 1m), you can see its size well.

Equipment image. It is very noticeable because it is red.

Moreover, because it is big, it is definitely impossible to operate as a secondary armament.

Operation method etc.

Since Titan is a pressurized nerf, air compression is required before launch.

Move the shoulder pad part back and forth like an air pump. The air gets heavier as it gets compressed, so it ’s hard.

A pressure gauge is provided as a guide.

About 10 times will fill up. Then it is a sign of launch OK.

After that, pull the trigger! And missiles should fly.
It is quite dangerous if you are in a small room. Be especially careful with TV and glass.

Oh yeah, for safety (do not hit your jaw or face), you ca n’t fire right above. If it is not right next to it, the trigger lock is applied.

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There is only one concave rail for attaching the nerf, so there is no scalability to attach accessories.

Also, the rail part is fragile, so it is not recommended to attach a heavy nerf or titan as an accessory.

Spec etc.

Initial speed: 11m / s

Titan can also be measured with a Clony type grenade .

The value is 11m / s.

By the way, Titan has a bullet weight of 42g, so the kinetic energy is quite high at 3.0J.

When you eat, it is heavier than pain, and you don’t use your palm! There is an impact as if pressed. If it hits the head properly, it will cause a concussion.

Real fire

I think that you can understand the power when you can see it.

A thick sheet about 7m away can be turned over. Also, can you understand that even if the weight of the sound is included, it is completely different from the current nerf?

And the difficulty of air compression. It takes about 12 times, but it takes time to prepare.

And I can’t expect any accuracy. Just like “fly forward”. The adjustment of the distance is very severe, so it may be difficult to shoot into the enemy team and take a hit with the explosive rule.

Titan is full of weaknesses, but the power of shooting blows them all away.


It is not sold separately only with the included Titan missile. It seems that only a few compatible missiles were sold in the past, but they are not available now.

how to get

Since it was a nerf 15 years ago, I think it would be hopeless … but at overseas auctions it is distributed at a fair amount.

General comment: The best material weapon

Although it is a titan with only weak points that it is impossible to use personally and limited in use, furniture is likely to break and it is dangerous, bullets are too precious and difficult to use in the first place, it is still massive that attracts many people with all the status of firepower Is that a naf? “Power is power”.

Some color schemes are similar to the current high-power mega series. Perhaps at this point, “Mega Blaster” was already born.

Although it is a rare nerf, there are quite a few in circulation due to its symbolic meaning.

If you have an opportunity to come in contact, I would like you to experience the “old Titan”.