[New] Fort Knight Ice Storm collection appeared? Glitter ★ Clear color 6 pieces


For 2019, it’s a furious Fort Knight. Limited edition products, color variations, and of course, the traditional series of naphths will be sold in the meantime.

Fortnite Micro Ice Storm Collection

Image: Hasbro

After all, it was revealed that there was a new product of the Micro Shot series, or that I did not expect it to come out in clear clear color.
It seems to be sold as a collector product in a set of 6 all in clear color.

Image: Hasbro

From the top left are hand cannons, llamas, assault rifles, and from the bottom left are Locrans, tactical shotguns, and battle buses.

Details are unknown, including price, time of sale, and whether it will be a limited release.

Click here for the original.

Each one is beautifully painted, so you can choose which one is better.

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Although it is an aside,

Microshot is a very dangerous item for those who have a collection trap because it shakes the collector’s soul or because there are so many items (about 40 kinds).

I was aware of it, so I tried not to touch it as much as possible.

【レビュー】マイクロショット ファイアストライク ~小さいけれど中身は本物!デフォルメナーフ第一弾~

I bought this much.

But if you look at this sparkling set like this ice collection, you can keep the “Oath of Buy” as it is… I have no self-confidence.